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oncloudninewithyesung whispered: OMG ok, so I'm pretty sure I'm the one who requested the Leo phrase drabble and I didn't see it til now and it was absolutely perfect!!! You are such an amazing writer, like whoa. I'm insanely jealous. I hope you get to write more VIXX soon! This blog is one of my favorites, keep up the amazing work❤️❤️❤️

OH MY GOD THANK YOU~ I had so much fun with Leo. :3
And you know what, I’m having super intense VIXX feels, so hopefully it’s productive. xD
I appreciate it, m’dear~ ❤️

what-is-a-bias whispered: AUGH MY HEART. First, that Baekhyun fluff was fluffier than whipped cream how and second, Yixing YOU DORK. Drinking strange concoctions omg. Third. Third. How can I even express my extreme love and frustration at the Yoseob lines. How. You have ruined me. <3

x3 I liked the Yoseob one myself, honestly. But you know… biased. xD Thank you so muchhhh~ <3

exocticinspirations replied to your post: announcement.

It’s okay, we understand. I hope everything is alright for you though.

No, no. We’re fine! I’m just doing a bunch of editing, actually. ^^;; Thank you, dear~ :3

cathy-teal-woods whispered: OMG!! your blog is so additive and amazing! You're a wonderful writer, very talented~ ✨ 乁( ° ω °乁) I'm in love with your stories of Zico! I read many scenarios about him but I think it will never will be enough~ ㅠㅠ asdfghjkl~ I need more Zico in my life, and your scenarios are my favorites! (≧w≦) ♥ I will be waiting for the last part of 'fantasy fix' (OɜO) ♫ Bless you blog!! (o^ヮ^o)✩

We all need more Zico in our lives, no? xD Thank you so much~ I’ve quit making promises about Fantasy Fix because every time I do, I seem to shoot myself in the foot. ^^;; But I’m glad you enjoy the rest. If you have any recommendations of Zico stories, I’d love to read some! :3
Thanks, m’dear~

iheartkimchi whispered: i love chronicles! just wanted to let you know! i've been anonymous for months because i took myself off of tumblr to study for board exams, but i couldn't help but come back for chronicles. keep up the great work =)

Aww, thank you so much~ I hope board exams went well! :o Good for you for avoiding the dark abyss that is tumblr. xD
Sorry I won’t be updating this weekend. I’m doing some mass editing though, so it’s for progress! xD Thank you, m’dear~

squishy-squish-squish whispered: TAG! YOU ARE IT! hey there, beautiful person! send this to 10 of your followers who really deserve this wonderful message, alrighty?? spread the love around and make everyone feel especially awesome today! ♥♥♥ 사랑해요

You sweetheart, you~ Thank you!


I don’t foresee a Chronicles chapter this weekend, guys. Sorry. Will be keeping you updated. (^^)b

[ lines // yixing ]

Yixing was not good with his alcohol.

And his friends knew this…

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overdyosis whispered: Uwaaaauawaaa akfhjkafhjsfhjafhjh Joy-onnie, you cheater... you make my Baekfeels come up when seeing youre latest Twelve kisses :'( gahhh but i cant handle the fluffy sweet fanfic like that ;D thank you onnie (✾♛‿♛)ノ*♡*

We need some Baek feels up in here. xD Thank you so much, darling~ You’re so sweet. :3 

Anonymous whispered: have you taken all of your stories off of aff or is the site just being weird?? 🌼🌼🌼

O___O They show up for me. Granted, not all of my stuff is up there, but what I did post is still showing…